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Three Days Remain
A Poem for the Triduum Paschal (Great Three Days)
Doug Van Dorn, 2023

Wisdom she shines, but misunderstood.

Glorious plans for tomorrow.

Impossible dreams come through sorrow.

There is no other way.

Servant he must not stray.

Evil. Foul play. They slay.

Three days remain,

See Glory say.


Soon it was dark. Face forsaken.

Elysian fields, staccato.

Hardly a sound, Jericho.

There is no other way.

Servant below with dray.

Foul evil cackles flay.

Two days remain,

See Glory say.


The earth is the LORD’s, the fullness thereof.

Who shall ascend the holy hill?

The Gates of Hades splayed.

Dragon and demons prey.

Dray train full. Dark gives way.

One day remains,

See Glory say.


Puts on the robe that touches the ground.

Float on a river. Forever and ever. Up he comes.

Acheron and Styx at bay.

River of Life on Display.

Majesty, vast array.

New is the day,

See Glory say.


* Since a few of the readers will undoubtedly sense that these verses sounds familiar, for better or for worse, the inspiration of this poem was a mishearing of a Pink Floyd song: “See Emily Play.” But the Lord inspired, not infallibly of course, that mishearing to turn it into something much better, I think.

Doug Van Dorn, 2023

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