Doug Van Dorn

Douglas Van Dorn
Welcome to my webpage.
I'm a Christian, husband, father, Coloradoan, pastor, published author, blogger, radio host, CEO of Waters of Creation Publishing, mountain climber, and more.

Have fun looking around

*** Even Newer Book ***

“The Angel of the Lord is a masterful work of biblical and pastoral theology, and a much-needed apologetic. The question, “Who is the Angel of the Lord” plagues believers and unbelievers alike, and the answer is much more than a healing balm for the doubting. Rare is the book that would fit well on the shelf of both the professional scholar and the armchair theologian.”

~ VODDIE BAUCHAM (D.MIN., D.D.), Dean at African Christian University, pastor, Founder & President of Voddie Baucham Ministries

*** NEW BOOK ***

It's time to have a frank conversation about conspiracy theories. This book is not about specific conspiracies, but rather is a serious look at the phrase from a definitional, historical, biblical, and Christian point of view. The main goal is to come to some helpful conclusions on how a Christian can remain sane in a world of conspiracy theories. And, we’ll have some fun along the way


Other Books

I am the author of several books on Christian theology including the best selling Giants: Sons of the Gods, Covenant Theology, Baptism, Galatians, Christ in the Old Testament, and the Q & A Companion to Dr. Michael Heiser's best selling supernatural game-changer The Unseen Realm. I have recently edited a series of books on Christ in the Old Testament.


Articles and Reviews

I've written some published book reviews and have other articles online both here and at I also have some available here on my site from others.

Host and Guest


Various podcasts cover many of the book topics.

I also co-hosted the radio show Journey's End heard on KRKS 94.7 in Denver.


Og Blog

The Og Blog deals with some very strange, supernatural things in the Bible and history, from a Reformed Baptist point of view. No really. We can talk about those kinds of things too. It is also just my regular old blog where I talk about anything I want. I also blog for the Decablog.


Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado

I helped to start RBCNC in 2002. I am blessed and thankful to still be part of this church. I hold the M.Div. from Denver Seminary (2001). In 2015 I helped start the Reformed Baptist Network. On our website, you will find not only information about the church, but PDFs and audio to many years worth of sermons. Unfortunately, this is not our building, but I can dream.


Colorado 14ers

Born in Colorado, my roots that go back to my pioneer ancestors in the 1800s. I love my heritage and my state, so much so that I decided I wanted to see it from the top. So in 1986 at age 16, I embarked on a 13 year quest to climb all of its 14,000 ft. peaks. Since then, I have also climbed Mt. Rainier and Mt. Shasta.  


Courses and Clubs

I've been golfing since I was probably two. I have a love/hate relationship with the game. Don't we all? I'll be developing different things here in relation to the beautiful game.