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Douglas Van Dorn

My Website went down in mid Sept. I'm back up and running,

but also rebuilding. Better. Stronger. Faster. 

I'm Doug Van Dorn


I'm a Christian, husband, father, son, brother, in-law, pastor, friend, fifth generation native Coloradan, published author, blogger, podcaster, radio host, CEO, mountain climber, biker, scholar, theologian, thinker, teacher, Fellow at the Institute for Biblical Anthropology, entrepreneur, amateur archeologist, conservative, lover of all things strange and supernatural, conspiracy theorist (umm, I mean someone who thinks and questions what's going on around him, don't you?) and, can one ever exhaust a list like this?

Have fun looking around. 

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The Serpent Mound Discovery

Author, Pastor, Podcaster

Though there's much more to my site, these are the three main places you will probably want to go.

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I'm an author and publisher. Here you can see all the books I'm written or edited. 


I've pastored the Reformed Baptist Church for more than 20 years. We have a wealth of sermons and other helpful material all free, so please feel free to check us out. 

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Besides having appeared on dozens of podcasts and radio shows, I've recently started my own: The Giant Steps Podcast. You can check them all out here.

My New Documentary

Resources and Fun Stuff

Other stuff you'll find interesting

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My Podcast

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The Giant Steps Podcast

We will be beginning very soon. Come back often.

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