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The Revelation Chiasm


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Rings of Revelation is a double release that includes the main book (gold and black) -- a commentary on Revelation described below and a companion study guide (silver and cream), also described below.


NOTE: As of now, Amazon is giving us hastles about a paperback for the Companion volume. Also, we have no yet received a hardcover ourselves, and the cover could be an issue. The paperback for the main volume should be fine. E-copies of the books await the future. 

Rings of Revelation: The Literary Apocalyptic Masterpiece Unveiled description:

SPECULATIONS ABOUND as to the purpose and meaning of John’s bizarre visions. But is there a way to keep ourselves tethered to his vision, rather than making it talk about our own? 
In the first half of Rings of Revelation, Douglas Van Dorn uses the literary genius of George Lucas as a modern exemplar that helps us see what John is actually up to in his ancient version of the graphic novel. Grasping the ancient form of writing called “Ring Composition” which Lucas employed in his Star Wars becomes the literary key that unlocks the center of the Apocalypse and the central theme of Revelation. 
This in turn unveils that there are literal star wars at the heart of human and Christian history. The second half of the book takes us on a journey through many of the various heavenly scenes and battles that run throughout the visions of the book, some in very unexpected places. These star wars have been going on in a unique way since Christ’s resurrection and ascension, and provide the ultimate meaning and purpose to the victory John wants all to internalize who belong to the Lion-Lamb of Revelation. To Christ alone the glory. 

Rings of Revelation: The Companion Study Guide description:


THE COMPANION STUDY GUIDE is meant as a tool to be used side-by-side with the main book Rings of Revelation. It purpose is to provide though summary and easy-to-grasp outline formats many helpful charts, pictures, outlines, chiasms, summaries, resources, bibliographies, comparisons with other Scriptures—especially the OT, and reasons why someone should study Revelation that did not make sense to put in the main book. It takes you through all 22 chapters of Revelation in various ways.
Parts of this Guide, such as outlines and overviews, are meant to be read, while other parts, such as outlines or chiasms or charts, are meant to be consulted during  your study of the book. The author’s hope is that this companion book will become a go-to reference for anyone wishing to go deeper in their understanding of the book of Revelation.

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