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The Week in Bible Prophecy

Mondo Gonzales had me on his podcast The Week in Bible Prophecy in the summer of 2023. Actually, it was more than that. Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich of Prophecy Watchers flew me out to Oklahoma City to have me on their TV show to talk about giants. When I first got the call, I told them, "I'm not really that into talking about giants and the end times." They said, "We don't care. We want you to talk about what you want to talk about." To have this Reformed amill guy on their show and feel like we were all equal brothers in Christ, eschatology is a minor point of dispute -- that's what I live for. These guys were so great. Down to earth, just wonderful people. I can't speak highly enough about how the two day trip went. Mondo and I sat down after the show to do his podcast. Mondo is a bit of an expert in astronomy and the ancient biblical text. VERY informed about stuff. It was almost like talking to Heiser again. Thanks again, guys, for having me out. 

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Same Show

Here's the same show with two of the segments put into shorter cuts.

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