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UNrefined Podcast

The Unrefined Podcast is hosted by Brandon Spain and Lindsy Waters. The motto is "Living an authentic supernatural life in a turbulent world." I can go along with that. Brandon (and his wife who produces it) and Lindsy are super nice folks, embarking on a similar journey as me as we try to figure out this crazy supernatural world. But they also let me talk about slightly more normal things too! Which is vital. Great show and I'm proud to call them friends and brothers!


Show Dates: 1-9-2023; 5-1-2023; 7-24-2023; 9-18-2023; 2-12-2024; 4-15-2024
Unrefined Primer on Genesis 6.png

A Primer on Genesis 6


Unrefined Here as in Heaven.png

Here As In Heaven


End Times Unrefined.jpg

Exploring the End Times


Unrefined Times Culture.jpg

Cultural Discernment

and the Times


Unrefined Divine Council for Newbies.jpg

The Divine Council Worldview for Newbies


Unrefined When Theology Meets the Weird.png

How to Read the Bible 


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