Doug Van Dorn

Doug Van Dorn and Matt Foreman
The Angel of the LORD
A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Study

In the early books of the Old Testament, the mysterious “Angel of the Lord” repeatedly appears—visibly, audibly, even physically—to the Patriarchs, to Moses, to the Prophets. Who is this Angel? Exploring the biblical texts, the testimony of church history, and the insights of Systematic Theology, Matt Foreman and Doug Van Dorn argue that the answer is beyond doubt: the Angel of the Lord is a manifestation of God the Son. Even more, they argue that this Angel appears more often than people realize, because he appears under different titles, including: the Word, the Name, the Glory, the Face, the Right Hand, even the Son. They show that even some of the ancient Jews spoke of a Second Yahweh in the Old Testament. Christian theologians throughout history have taught this same understanding. Christians need to be taught again how the Person of Jesus appears throughout the Bible and how he speaks to us today.

"The Angel of the Lord is a masterful work of not only biblical and pastoral theology, it is also a much-needed apologetic. Rare is the book that would fit well on the shelf of both the professional scholar and the armchair theologian.  Angel of the Lord is precisely that kind of book."

Voddie Baucham (D.Min., D.D.), Dean of the Seminary at African Christian University

"Foreman and Van Dorn insightfully expound the many texts that feature the Angel, and they convincingly argue that these visitations are nothing less than close encounters of the messianic kind. If you want to see Christ in all of Scripture, I enth­usiastically recommend this stimulating study!"

Dr. Robert R. Gonzales Jr., Dean Reformed Baptist Seminary


"Thought-provoking, thorough, biblical exploration of the most amazing and mysterious figure in the Old Testament."

Brian Godawa, American screenwriter and author of the best-selling Chronicles of the Nephilim


The identification of the Angel of the LORD as Jesus pre-incarnate has a long pedigree. This book by Foreman and Van Dorn serves as a helpful introduction to both historical and contemporary discussions. Through patient exegesis text after text, informed by early Jewish and Christian reflection, the authors highlight the ubiquitous presence of an embodied YHWH variously identified as the Angel, the Word, the Presence, the Glory, and the Name."  

~  Dr. Kenneth J. Turner, Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages, Toccoa Falls College


"The Angel of the Lord will be an entirely new framework for many readers and will answer questions they never knew they had. The authors of this book did their homework and make a strong case for their claims, rooted in a rich theological history. Read The Angel of the Lord and change the way you read your Bible forever."

Nicholas Kennicott, Ph.D. student, Faulkner University, pastor of Redeemer Baptist Church, President of the Institute of Pastoral and Theological Training (IPTT) in Egbe, Nigeria


"If reformation is retrieval, this is one of the most Reformed books of recent years. With sweeping grandeur, Foreman and Van Dorn take readers on a spiritual journey to the only place worth really going: to see Jesus."

Luke Walker, pastor of Redeeming Cross Community Church; author, He Gave Them Judges: Jesus in the Book of Judges


"Doug Van Dorn and Matt Foreman have published a truly unique book. Their focus is Jesus in the Old Testament, not typologically, but physically.  The angel who visits Abraham and pulls Lot out of Sodom, the Word who visits the prophets, the Man of war who appears to Joshua, these are all none other than the pre-incarnate Christ. This is a must read for anyone interested in the Angel of the Lord or beholding Christ in an even more glorious way."

Soli Deo Gloria,

Michael Emadi, Lecturer of Biblical Languages, Reformed Baptist Seminary and Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary


"It is always a challenge to ensconce theological questions in the proper historical and cultural contexts. In the case of the Angel of the Lord, this is abundantly clear, but this book accomplishes that aim. Matt Foreman and Doug Van Dorn have produced an engaging look at the identity of this Angel, demonstrating with sound reasoning and scholarship that it is the Christ. Read and you will think, you will be edified, and you will be amazed. I can recommend this book without reservation."

Dr. Judd H. Burton, Director and Senior Fellow of the Institute of Biblical Anthropology


"Back in the 1940’s, Geerhardus Vos, in his epic work Biblical Theology, called the Angel of the Lord, 'The most important characteristic form of revelation in the patriarchal period.' Now in 2020, Matt Foreman and Doug Van Dorn masterfully unfold the truth that Vos barely began to scratch the surface. They give amplified meaning to David Murray’s profound slogan: “Jesus on Every Page.” The authors painstakingly show how they’re saying nothing new. For me, my Old Testament will never again be the same.  Hallelujah, what a Savior!"

Mark Chanski, Pastor, Harvard Reformed Baptist Church, Coordinator elect of the Reformed Baptist Network


"As the authors note, once one notices the central place the Angel of the LORD plays in the Old Testament story, you get a much more integrated view of the Old and New Testaments and the Mediator they reveal. Though this is a theological study, it exhibits a warm devotional style as well. The book is clear and accessible. It will help readers better understand and trust the promise of Psalm 34:7, “The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him and delivers them.” 

Brad Swygard, Ph.D. student, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


Foreman and Van Dorn have achieved here a remarkable and long-needed treatment of the most mysterious and significant, yet sadly neglected Person of the entire Old Testament. I am delighted to recommend it. The authors faithfully live out biblical truth and love as they pastor churches and serve the Angel of the Lord—Jesus Christ.  May He bless this work of their hands and hearts to the edification of thousands in Christ’s Church.

~   James E. Adams. D.Min. Westminster Seminary California, author of War Psalms of the Prince of Peace, pastor Cornerstone Church in Mesa, Arizona, professor of theology at Reformed Baptist Seminary and in Latin America.

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