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The Tenpenny Files: Happy Hour

Sherri Tenpenny. My jaw dropped on the floor when I saw that I had a message from THE Dr. Sherri Tenpenny! This ultra-courageous and fearless woman who knows everything there is to know about the vaccine and all things post-2020 has been tirelessly standing in the gap for all of us. But somehow, she knew who I was? Somehow, she got a hold of my Giants book (and several others) and has been devouring them. I look forward to doing more episodes with her. 

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Episodes I've been on:

Sherri Tenpenny

Happy Hour: Stand Alone Episode on Giants.

I did this show back on 07-07-2022. The topic was giants ~ Giants (click the play button below)

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Sherri Tenpenny

Happy Hour: Four Part Special on Giants!

After the first show, Dr. T. wanted me back on to do a much longer treatment of giants. We ended up doing four shows (for the time being) back in October 2022. After two episodes, I had my friend Dr. Judd Burton join me for the last two episodes. This is a link to the four shows together.