Doug Van Dorn


su·per·nat·u·ral. 1. (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond
                                scientific understanding or the laws of nature.
I've been fascinated by the supernatural my entire life. In first grade I found a book in our school library on the ghosts of the White House and I'm sure Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of played no small part in adding to the interest. Then again, I'm a Christian and so by definition I believe in the supernatural. I've come to see that the world is a lot bigger and stranger than most people realize. This page links to all kinds of things in the supernatural world. 

Christ in the Old Testament

the angel, the name, the word, the glory, and much much more.

This topic is so totally fascinating I don't even know where to start. I've written two books on it and preached too many sermons to count. Here I will put links to all kinds of things relating to the pre-existent Lord Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament. 

Christ in the New Testament

books, articles, sermons, etc.

Obviously, Jesus is in the New Testament. Here I will link things I find helpful to furthering our study of him here. 

The Sons of God

genesis 6, deuteronomy 32, job 32, angels, principalities, power, etc.

That's right. Angels. Genesis 6. That really strange story that no one knows what to do with. Here is where I'll link things having to do specifically with them. 


nephilim, rephaim, anakim, goliath, og, nimrod, etc.

I wrote a book on them. They are everywhere, not only in the Bible, but across the planet. Here's stuff on the giants. 

The Divine Council

heavenly beings administering the affairs of the cosmos

Sounds crazy. But all cultures, including and especially the Bible, have a divine council. Isaiah 6, Daniel 7, 1Kgs 22, even Genesis 2-3 all describe it. 


arch-nemesis of the bible

Satan. Who is he? How are we to think about him? Here are some things to think about.