Doug Van Dorn


Reformation Theology is theology that came out of the Reformation. Anything along those lines will be put here, including Calvinist, Lutheran, the Five-Solas, Soteriology, Covenant Theology, or anything else relating to the Reformation. 

Covenant Theology

Especially from a Reformed Baptist Perspective

Covenant theology a a way of reading the Bible developed by the Calvinist side of the Reformation. It sees a basic continuity between the Testaments using the biblical idea of "covenant" as the lens through which we can understand the history of redemption. Baptistic covenant theology has a slightly different take than the Presbyterian model, but it is still rightly called covenant theology as opposed to other models such as new covenant theology or different forms of Dispensationalism. 


Soteriology and Other Stuff

I'm pretty sure Calvin didn't like stain glass windows, especially with pictures of him on them! Oh well, I think it looks kinda cool. When people think of "Calvinism," they usually think of that grumpy skinny bearded guy who taught about the sovereignty of God and the so-called "five-points of Calvinism." Some of that is true. Some isn't. This is the place I will post things related to those kinds of topics.