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Taylor Swift and the NFL Conspiracy Theory

I saw a great short take today from one of my favorite, uh, let me just call him guys on Twitter/Telegram today. He’s actually the guy who broke the Ukraine-USA bio-weapon’s labs story, back when the deep state was promoting their 60s love-in for Ukraine.

His comments were about Taylor Swift and the NFL. And for the records, yes, it gets old, as this Babylon Bee article and about 100 other brilliant memes that have come out today say so well. Before I let you see his piece, here’s a tiny bit of background. I wrote a book on Conspiracy Theories and in that book one of the things I said was that both not thinking about conspiracy theories can be bad and thinking too much about them can be bad. Each needs to be taken on its own merits. In this case, the conspiracy theory is that the NFL is in bed with Taylor Swift, that they put her and Travis Kelsey together in order to take down Donald Trump. It’s all a deep state plot.

Now, before all you lovers of this theory become haters of me, here’s BioClandestine’s piece:


I had zero plans of addressing this, because it’s really dumb, but I’ve seen so many bad NFL/Taylor Swift takes that I have to set you all straight.


The NFL is not scripted. Kelce and Swift’s relationship is not fake.


The NFL and TV networks have a financial interest in promoting Swift, because she has massive influence and her fans belong to the demographics the NFL does not currently have. They are just trying to expand their audience, and Swift is an easy avenue to get more women to watch the NFL.


However, the TV networks do love Swift because she is a well-known DNC advocate and Trump-hater. If she was a Trump supporter, her screen time and media coverage would not be this high.


Now, does referee fixing happen? Yes. Historically, we have proof referees have fixed games for the mafia, for money, etc., but for those of you saying that Patrick Mahomes hitting a step back fade away throw on 4th down into a tight window is part of a “script”… you’re an idiot.


Big Pharma, the NFL, the TV networks, and the DNC, surely want the Chiefs to advance because it’s more screen time for their brand ambassadors, but game rigging is a serious stretch. Anyone who actually watched the games knows this. And this is coming from me, a literal professional conspiracy theorist.


Y’all saying stupid s--- makes the serious people look bad. Stop it.

Finally! Some sanity. Thank you BioC. You always seem to be over the target. Here’s a few more thoughts from yours truly.


Is Taylor a rabid Democrat? Yep. Is her meteoric rise to a level of superstardom the world has never seen organic and natural? Absolutely not. It is totally controlled. Is she a witch? Honestly, I have no idea. I really don’t care (didn’t we go through all this with Stevie Nicks like 40 years ago?). Is she dating Mr. Pfizer? Yep. Is this a match made in Obummer and Brandon heaven? Of course. Is the NFL making tons of money off of it? Completely, but isn't that the point of a (supposedly) free market capitalist enterprise (don't get me started on how our big leagues really more more in line with privately owned government lapdogs, i.e. fascism)?


But I saw someone tonight run wild with this to the point of showing a play where Doug Baldwin for the Seahawks supposedly showed a hand sign (a thumbs-up) in the middle of a run, supposedly right at the #33 for the Broncos (I’m guessing it was Javonte Williams, but it was too blurry to know for sure), telling him where he was going so that Williams could intentionally miss him because the NFL is rigged.


How many ways can I count how absurd this one is? In the middle of a play, both players going 100 MPH at each other, and in less time than it takes to blink an eye, a secret hand signal of a thumbs up (huh?) was given to tell the other guy which way the dink would be? Oh yeah, and Baldwin’s hand was hit just prior to the “hand signal,” but hey, no mention of that one. This is just obscenely stupid, friends. It just isn’t possible. No one who has ever played football for even one play could ever believe this one.


Now, was there a really bad call this year at the Dallas-Detroit game? Yep. Was it really suspicious? Troy Aikman sure thought so. Is it possible that the NFL, uh, could affect the outcome of games through the choosing of specific referees? Certainly plausible. Is the NFL in bed with big pharma? Yep. Is that as bad a thing as I think it is? No, it's worse. How about with the deep state communists ala BLM et al? Of course and that’s 100% factual. But are they rigging every game? Do they know who will go to the Super Bowl before it happens? Just watch the games, people. No. There's way too much needed to bring that to pass. It isn’t happening.


We’ve come to a point in our society where not only are there nearly infinite numbers of conspiracy theories, but everyone seems to believe either none of them or all of them. There is no longer a middle ground. This is about as dangerous a place as you can be in a culture and it shows the intense polarization that we now live under. And it shows how little people are actually willing to think rationally about things. Put that together with real and true conspiracies of evil that seek to bring us to a civil war, especially via agent provocateurs and three letter agencies that have already done so on more than one occasion and we are staring into the abyss.


We must remain sane, even in the midst of an insane world. It does no one any good to be insane ourselves. There’s plenty of things the NFL has done and seems to continue to do that isn’t good. We don’t need to go to absurd lengths to prove more, especially when those things are themselves absurd. It reminds me of all the backwards masking stuff that went on in the 60s-80s in Rock music. I always wondered, with many of these songs, all you have to do is listen to the words forward to know they aren’t good. So why do we need to go to these extra-lengths to do nothing more than make ourselves look like idiots?


Doug Van Dorn

Jan 29, 2024

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