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This show was hosted by the late Dr. Michael Heiser, author of the game-changer in supernatural theology, The Unseen Realm, the "parent" book--if you will--of Doug's The Unseen Realm: Question and Answer Companion, which Dr. Heiser edited.


With the increase in paranormal shows like Ghost Hunters and an explosion of podcasts and books on these topics, the idea of the show was to take pretty much any paranormal topic you can think of and engage with the topic via peer-reviewed literature that we have read ahead of time. 


Sadly, our last taping was in June, 2021. Natalina was soon diagnosed with cancer and went to be with her Lord just a few short weeks later. Mike was also diagnosed with cancer soon after. He passed into glory in Feb, 2023.

The panelists include: 

Yours Truly

Brian Godawa: Hollywood screenwriter and best-selling supernatural biblical Christian author 

Natalina: podcaster, blogger, and all around star of the show

Doug Overmyer: pastor, podcaster, and supernatural enthusiast

The show is produced by Trey Stricklin. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Each link takes you to the peeranormal page for that podcast and has links to the peer reviewed literature (PDFs) we used in each program.


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