Doug Van Dorn


JSlayUSA is show started in 2022 by Jeremy Slayden, former AAA ballplayer, all around stud and great guy with a great heart for God and his country. We became friends through a mutual friend and he's had me on the show several time to discuss current issues. But we've also delved into more timeless subjects which I'll post here. I love this podcast, as it gives me the chance to talk about things I usually don't get to talk about in very many public spaces.

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Some episodes I've been on:

May 19, 2022

Nephilim Mysteries | Sons of the gods


Praying for Ruin or Conversion

April 20, 2022

Divine Conspiracies



Devolution and the Deep State

Jan 14, 2022

Christian Nationalism

Jan 17, 2022

Pedophilia and the Global Elite: WHY?