Doug Van Dorn

Journey's End

These programs are from our radio show Journey's End which ran on KRKS 94.7 FM in Denver from 2011-2012. The show was conceived as an alternative to the increasingly popular idea that it is the journey, not the destination, that matters most. Tony Jackson (church planter) and Doug Van Dorn co-hosted the show for our two churches in the Denver area. Tony has since moved on and Doug still pastors the Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado. These 30 or so shows are here to help prepare you for reaching the final destination, which is heaven itself.

Fun Story: 

Our two churches sponsored this radio program and it was on the largest FM Christian station in the Rocky Mountains. We got exactly zero visitors to our two churches because of it, and one phone call. The call came right after the airing of the program on Genesis 6 and the giants. Long story short, the man who called was a former Denver Bronco Linebacker. A wonderful man of God who quickly became one of my best friends. Sadly, he passed away due less than five years later due to complications from injuries he sustained to his head during his playing days. I miss you Tom! But I'm thankful to have continued the friendship through your lovely wife and son(s). 

11-20-2011 ~ "Why the Journey's End?

11-27-2011 ~ "What is the End of the Journey?

12-04-2011 ~ "What About the Journey?

12-11-2011 ~ "Food to Get You to the Journey's End"

12-18-2011 ~ "The Lord's Supper as Food"

12-25-2011 ~ "The Word Come Down"

01-01-2012 ~ "The Prewritten Journey"

01-08-2012 ~ "The Author of the Journey"

01-15-2012 ~ "Creation: The Beginning of the Journey" (Genesis 1; Genesis 3)

01-22-2012 ~ "The Seed of Satan" (Genesis 6:1-4; Numbers 13:33)

01-28-2012 ~ "Friends and Foes on the Journey" (Genesis 3:1-7; Ephesians 6:12)

02-05-2012 ~ "The Covenant of Works" (Romans 2)

02-12-2012 ~ "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up" (Genesis 3)

02-26-2012 ~ "The Law, The Gospel, and the Two Seeds" (Genesis 3:15)

03-26-2012 ~ "The War of the Seeds" (Genesis 3:15; Genesis 6)

03-04-2012 ~ "The Son(s) of God: Who Are These Guys?" (Genesis 6; Job 1)

03-18-2012 ~ "The Sons of God Part 2" (Deuteronomy 32:8; Daniel 10; Psalm 2)

03-25-2012 ~ "Waters of Destruction" (Genesis 6; 2 Peter 3)

04-01-2012 ~ "The Waters of Baptism" (Genesis 1; Genesis 7; Matthew 3; Romans 6)

04-08-2012 ~ "The Baptism of Christ: Why Did He Do It?" (Matthew 3:13-18; Exodus 29:4)

04-22-2012 ~ "A Nation Cut From the Nations" (Genesis 12; Genesis 15)

04-29-2012 ~ "All the Covenants of the Bible" (Luke 22; Hosea 9)

05-06-2012 ~ "Law or Grace: Which Is It?" (Romans 6:14-15; Matthew 5)

05-13-2012 ~ "Applying the Law in New Testament Times" (Matthew 28; 1 Corinthians 11)

05-20-2012 ~ "Legalism and the Law of God" (Matthew 15:9)

05-27-2012 ~ "Legalism and the Weaker Brother" (Romans 14)

06-03-2012 ~ "Is the Sabbath Still Binding on Christians?" (Exodus 20; Romans 14)

06-10-2012 ~ "Is There a Right Way to Worship God?" (Exodus 20; Hebrews 12)