Doug Van Dorn

Journey's End Radio Program

Iron and Myth is my brand new show that is so excellently produced by my co-host, Derek Gilbert who so expertly leads the charge. The other partners in crime are Dr. Judd Burton and Brian Godawa. Derek is doing it under the banner of his View from the Bunker. But it really is a stand-alone show.

In my view, this is a very unique show, as the panelist are premill, amill, and postmill--all talking together. It makes for some fun conversations. Our main objective is to talk about mythology from a conservative, biblical, Christian perspective and how it relates to all kinds of subjects today. Check out the programs and you'll see the kind of topics we cover.


01-23-2022 ~ Iron and Myth 1: Introduction. Subjects include the sons of God, Ps 82, the divine council, and other things. 

03--6-2022 ~ Iron and Myth 2: Giants, Serpents, Wolves, and the AbyssTHE NEPHILIM are going mainstream! Doug tells us about his involvement in a new documentary series forthcoming that features biblical giants, Gilgal Refaim, and the serpent-shaped mound a quarter mile north.

04--03-2022 ~ Iron and Myth 3: War Among the Fallen. SATAN AND his minions haven’t been completely united in their rebellion against God. What did this war in the fallen realm look like?

05-23-2022 ~ Iron and Myth 4: Fall of the WatchersTHE SONS OF GOD saw that the daughters of men were fair, and they took as their wives any they chose. This story is at the root of many of the spiritual practices of the ancient world—pagan, Jewish, and Christian. But when did the transgression of the bene ha-elohim take place?

06-19-2022~ Iron and Myth 5: Death of the GodsTHE DEATH OF THE GODS is prophesied in the Bible. This is not in dispute, unless one argues that God Himself was mistaken in calling the pagan gods of the ancient world “gods.” (See, for example, Exodus 12:12 and Psalm 82.)

07-17-2022 ~ Iron and Myth 6: Sacred Geography. WHY ARE SOME places on Earth more supernatural than others? Like, what’s the deal with Mount Hermon?

08-14-2022 ~ Iron and Myth 7: ChaosIS CHAOS a symbol of disorder, or is it, as certain passages in the Bible suggest, an entity? We discuss the various ways chaos is described in the Bible (Leviathan, Rahab, a multi-headed sea dragon, and the sea itself), the apparent struggle to subdue chaos in scripture and in pagan cultures of the ancient world, and the disturbing connection between chaos and the modern UFO phenomenon.

09-18-2022 ~ Iron and Myth 8: Dragons. DRAGONS ARE make-believe—or so we’ve been told. So, why are they in the Bible? We discuss the biblical depictions of serpents and dragons, note that supernatural entities like dragons, satyrs, and goat-demons have been translated out of our modern English Bibles, and whether some of the entities traditionally called “angels” might be reptilian in appearance.

10-16-2022 ~ Iron and Myth 9: The Gods of HollywoodHOLLYWOOD IS drawing our culture into paganism. There is no other way to characterize the types of movies and TV series coming out of the major studios. We discuss the religious themes in the films and television series coming out of Hollywood, from Twin Peaks, Stargate SG-1, American Gods, and Sandman to Clash of the Titans, Avengers: Endgame, The Eternals, and Justice League. The bottom line is that pagan religion sells, and Americans seem all too willing to buy.

11-20-2022. Iron and Myth 10: American Demons. WESTERN CHRISTIANS have been so desensitized to the supernatural that we usually don’t recognize evil when it’s staring us in the face. We discuss the lack of discernment in the church today, the use of mind and mood altering drugs to open doorways to the spirit realm, and whether it’s possible for a demonic entity can inhabit an artificial intelligence, a website, or even the entire Internet.

12-21-2022. Iron and Myth 11: Reclaiming Christmas. IT’S TIME Christians reclaim Christmas. We live at a time when some Christians are intimidated about wishing other Christians a Merry Christmas, afraid they might accidentally be participating in what was originally a pagan rite. Our monthly Iron and Myth round table says, “So what if it was?” 

2-19-2023. Iron and Myth 13: The Origin of Demons. DEMONS ARE the spirits of the giants destroyed in the Flood of Noah. At least, that’s what Jews of the Second Temple period and the early Christian church believed.

2-26-2023. Iron and Myth 14: Tribute to Dr. Michael HeiserRENOWNED BIBLICAL SCHOLAR, author, friend, and mentor Dr. Michael S. Heiser stepped into eternity. All of us owe Mike a debt. We share memories of Mike—how we first became aware of his work, how it’s influenced our lives, and the legacy Mike leaves behind.

3-19-2023. Iron and Myth 15: Answering Ancient Apocalypse. GRAHAM HANCOCK'S Ancient Apocalypse has been called the most dangerous show on Netflix. Why? We discuss the hit series that’s sent professional archaeologists and the terminally woke into fits. What could possibly be so dangerous about a series that investigates mysterious megalithic sites that apparently were built by different cultures with no prior history of that type of technology or architecture, and all at around the same time—9600 BC, the end of the last Ice Age, and following a devastating global flood. 

2-23-2023. Iron and Myth 13: The Origin of Demons. WHAT'S THE

difference between angels, cherubim, and seraphim? Who are the Watchers, and can a messenger angel, a malak, be promoted to the rank of Watcher? We discuss rank in the spirit realm based on terms used in the Old Testament—malakim (angels), cherubim, seraphim, and Watchers—and try to make some sense of the unseen realm.