Doug Van Dorn


This guy changed my game. And I was 50 when it happened!

Without question, this guy has done more to help my swing that anyone. Not even close. Back in 2020, I was so frustrated with my driving that I about gave up golf for good. But then I found Paul Wilson on Youtube. I don't remember what the first video was that I watched, but it was introductory to his swing which utterly changed the way I golf. I tried it and have been applying it for two years now and I'm breaking 80 again some days. Here's a good starter video. He has tons on Youtube. And no, I get paid nothing to share this. I just think it's that good. 

Here is a link to Paul Wilson's webpage. My dad bought his course a year or so ago and loved it. 

Free link to Phil's master class on the short game. 

I've loved this video for years, and its now on Youtube for free. How can you go wrong learning from the best there ever was at this part of the game? OK, Seve and Tiger might complain, but still, it's true. 

Here are several other golf videos I've found helpful and/or fun


And now ... to the pictures!

My best nine. Dec 2021. Told you I was getting better. OK, the tees were up, but that's because it was winter!

I've shot 73 three times. I still have all the cards. 

Top Row: The Ranch Country Club. From the Blues. Circa 1986-87. 

Middle Row: Indian Peaks Golf Course. From the Whites (I think). 2006.

Bottom Row: Bella Rosa Golf Course. From the Blues. 2022. 

From the greens and flowers of Augusta National to the blue sandy waters of Pebble Beach, golf is in my soul. It is, quite simply, the perfect game.

Augusta National: I sometimes wonder if this is the only spot on earth that will not need to be renewed at the end of the age.

Pebble Beach: I actually got to play this course once upon a time. Thanks dad!

Legends Golf and Safari Resort: 19th Hole.  437 yards long. 1,410 ft. up.  This is the longest, craziest par 3 in the world.

This next one is one of the greatest things I've seen in golf. The 2023 PGA. The unknown golfer, Michael Block, the 46 year old pro at the public Arroyo Trabuco golf club in CA, does the impossible, more than once. This is straight up Tin Cup stuff. But true! Give the video a watch and see history in the making.