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Giants: Sons of the gods


Giants Cover

Goliath. You know the story. But why is it in the Bible? Is it just to give us a little moral pick-me-up as we seek to emulate a small shepherd boy who defeated a giant? Have you ever wondered where Goliath came from? Did you know he had brothers, one with 24 fingers and toes? Did you know their ancestry is steeped in unimaginable horror?

Genesis 6. The nephilim. The first few verses of this chapter have long been the speculation of supernatural events that produced demigods and a flood that God used to destroy the whole world. The whole world remembers them. Once upon a time, all Christians knew them. But for many centuries this view was mocked, though it was the only known view at the time of the writing of the New Testament. Today, it is making a resurgence among Bible-believing scholars, and for good reason. The nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward...

This book delves deep into the dark and ancient recesses of our past to bring you rich treasures long buried. It is a carefully researched, heavily footnoted, and selectively illustrated story of the giants of the Bible. There is more here than meets the eye, much more. Here you will learn the invisible, supernatural storyline of the Bible that is always just beneath the surface, lurking like the spawn of the ancient leviathan. It is a storyline no person can afford to ignore any longer.

Unlike other more sensational books on the topic, there is no undue speculation to be found here. The author is a Bible-believing Christian who refuses to use such ideas to tell you the end of the world is drawing nigh. Once you discover the truth about these fantastic creatures, you will come to see the ministry and work of Jesus Christ in a very new and exalting light. Come. Learn the fascinating, sobering, yet true story of real giants who played a significant role in the bible … and still do so today.

**Note: This is the original, the first edition of Giants. We have a new Tenth Anniversary Edition you might want to check out. That's the version you will receive in the free download below. The links above will take you to the original.

What they're saying

“Deeply researched, impressively footnoted, yet readable for the layman. In a market flooded with books on the topic of Nephilim giants and the Sons of God, Van Dorn provides one of the best resources of responsible biblical and historical research—with a pastor’s heart and a scholar’s mind. I used this book for my own research for my best-selling Bible novel series Chronicles of the Nephilim.”

“Doug does a masterful job at drawing us back to the original text and context of the Old Testament and to reveal the truth about the Genesis 6 event, the sons of God and their progeny. This meticulously researched and impeccably written book unlocks the supernatural reality and worldview of the Bible and of its authors. This work provides incredible context and shines new light on the storyline of the biblical account, allowing us to see the work of Jesus in a fresh, necessary, and revolutionary way. The truths that Doug brings to the surface are paramount in understanding the past, present, and future from a scriptural paradigm and the giants are the key to unlocking it.”

“I have read many books on the Nephilim. Doug Van Dorn’s book, Giants, sons of the gods is one of my favorites. I’m grateful for this 10-year anniversary update. The charts tying together the “family tree” of the descendants of Noah are so important. I have the pages tabbed for frequent reference. It makes the tribal names we have all passed over come to light with new context. This is a valuable reference for all Old Testament reading and study.”

“After landing at Heathrow airport, a British man came up to a friend of mine who was reading Giants: Sons of the gods on the plane and said, ‘I’ve read that book. It’s excellent.’ And then just walked off! It’s been great to see this book have an international influence. I know of several churches here in Ireland that have used this book almost like tracts. In the land of fairies, leprechauns, and giants Doug’s book has provided a way for Christians to meaningfully talk about the supernatural world. This book has also been challenging Christians over the past 10 years to be more biblical and more supernatural in their own understanding of Scripture. Doug has done an excellent job of demonstrating that the giants of the Bible don’t just show up in one scene and are gone in the next. The Nephilim are part of the very fabric of the biblical storyline. And Doug aptly shows that even this biblical storyline takes us directly to Christ.

“This intriguing book will shed tremendous light on an often neglected but important biblical subject. By examining ancient records and comparing them with the biblical record, Doug Van Dorn has put together one of the most detailed studies on the subject of giants. Even though I have studied and written at length on the subject, I still found a wealth of new data to mull over.”

“As a film producer, one dreams of crossing paths with a subject matter so deep and engaging that it alters your life. Doug Van Dorn’s Giants: Sons of the gods was that very thing for me. His book became a biblical and theological road map that launched a 2+ year journey into the film Angels & Giants, The Watchers & The Nephilim. Doug’s research and insight keeps its feet on the ground when oftentimes, on this subject matter, people sensationalize gratuitously. His book launched an epic film project as well as an amazing and lifelong friendship.”

“What do Buffalo Bill Cody and Katy Perry/Kanye West have in common? They talk and sing about ‘giants’ and ‘aliens.’ Maybe they referenced these subjects in ignorance, but now Doug Van Dorn has revealed the light of Biblical Truth on these matters in his book Giants: Sons of the gods. About three years ago my studies caused me to become a Berean on the subject of ‘sons of god’ in Genesis chapter six. I discovered some very helpful works done by extremely capable researchers and scholars, but Doug's work has taken me to another level on what scripture has to say on this matter. In addition, on a practical matter, the Apostle Paul's writing on spiritual warfare as become more than just words. Without a doubt if you've ever wondered if Goliath was only biblical folklore read this book and you will greatly benefit from a scholarly effort and an obvious labor of love from Doug.”

“As an African, living in Africa, the supernatural worldview has always been a part of my life. Unfortunately, the implication of this worldview has been that of superstition and a “fear of the dark.” Doug Van Dorn’s book, Giants: Sons of the gods, which I consider a redemptive historical look at the Serpent’s incursion into human history, has been one of the many books that have helped me to gain a Biblical perspective of the supernatural. Whereas others have long proposed the denial of the supernatural as the appropriate response to my African view of the world, an approach that has been most unhelpful, Doug’s book has helped to set things right, showing that these enemies of Jesus , which are spoken of in the Scriptures, will ultimately be crushed however powerful they may seem to be right now. I can’t recommend the book enough.” 

“Doug Van Dorn’s Giants: Sons of the gods was one of the first books to present a sound biblical framework for the giants mentioned in the Bible, making the information accessible to lay Christians. Yes, giants were real, and yes, they matter even today.”

Giants: Sons of the gods is a book like no other. Doug Van Dorn is a Reformed Baptist pastor who is not afraid to look at the passages of Scripture that are often skipped or skimmed by the average Christian. This is not a fanciful tale scripted by a sci-if novelist, but a well-researched biblical, historical, and theological work that is sure to clarify and challenge many of the things you thought you knew. Enter the world of the supernatural with an inquisitive mind, and leave with a more robust worldview that keeps Christ at the center as the Lord of lords.”

“Be warned, for those of us so engrossed in the physical realm, this book stretches the mind to consider what is really possible and what really exists in the spiritual realm. Read the book and draw your own conclusions.”

“It has been awesome getting to know Doug Van Dorn since we started the Blurry Creatures podcast in 2020. I’ve been more than impressed by Doug’s deep knowledge & insight into the stranger bible stories and forbidden history. Doug is willing to tread in places most pastors fear to go but gives context and meaning to the supernatural. If you want more understanding into the harder to understand parts of scripture that perplex most, then Doug is your guy and Giants is your book!”

“When I first read this book, I was skeptical. Nearly every theological giant (pun intended) in history has denied the spiritual view of Genesis 6 and the many implications that follow. Augustine, Calvin, and Luther each dismissed it, and nearly every professor and pastor I have ever known has denied this view, or at least minimized it. What Doug demonstrated in this book, using Scripture and a wealth of research from both Jewish and early Christian sources, is that the spiritual view of Genesis 6 is the only view that is consistent with Scripture and what most interpreters believed for most of history. As I have slowly assimilated and adopted this world-view, so many Scriptures that I previously considered difficult or even odd are now beginning to make sense. Above all, Doug's book is no mere book of facts about Sons of God and the giants. It is first and foremost about the Unique Son of God who has triumphed over all other gods and has been given a name above every other name, the Lord, Jesus Christ.”

“This book is simply thrilling. If you’re fascinated by UFOs, aliens, ancient civilizations, and lost technologies, and yet only seem to hear them being discussed by wackos and loonies, do I have good news for you. Giants is a biblical, Reformed, and redemptive-historical treatment of these taboo topics among Christians. It was the most fun reading I’ve had in years.”

“Doug Van Dorn's treatment of the world of the giants is comprehensive and engaging. This volume is a valuable edition to the library of any prospective giantologist.”

“Do you have the courage to look at Scripture objectively and explore what is actually there with an openness to have truth revealed rather than seeing only what you have always been taught? Doug Van Dorn does. He is deeply committed to the historic Christian faith, and at the same time willing to jettison preconceived notions and let the Scriptures speak for themselves. Read Giants: Sons of the gods-- You will be entertained, fascinated, informed, and challenged by Van Dorn's careful and passionate discussion of this largely ignored topic of the Bible. Warning: It could radically change the way you see the world.”

“This book is wonderfully engaging. The non-sensationalistic approach to the topic of the Watchers and the Nephilim dares us to dig ever deeper into scripture while maintaining our sense of wonder and spiritual discovery. Often-times sidestepped by mainstream Christianity, Van Dorn tackles this topic boldly and with well researched authority.” 

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