Doug Van Dorn

Christ in All Scripture Series (Book Three)
Gerard De Gols, The Worship of the Lord Jesus in the Old Testament
ed. Douglas Van Dorn

Some ancient rabbis viewed the Angel of Yahweh as a hypostatization of God. Many church fathers took that a step further and identified the Angel as the pre-incarnate Christ. Scholars of the Protestant Reformation affirmed Christ’s pre-incarnate presence in the Old Testament, including Gerard De Gols. Not every text De Gols adduces, or argument he marshals, is equally convincing. But the cumulative force of his exegesis is persuasive and his thesis irresistible: the Son of God is recognized and worshiped as God not only in the New Testament but also in the Old. What’s more, as John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ, this little volume will prepare the reader for Matt Foreman and Doug Van Dorn’s much anticipated and forthcoming work on the Angel of the LORD.”

Dr. Robert Gonzales Jr.

Dean, Reformed Baptist Seminary

Author: Where Sin Abounds

In 1726, nearly forty years after Peter Allix’ Dissertation on the Angel of the LORD was published, the Dutch pastor and theologian Gerard De Gols set out to bring the profound insights of Allix to a new generation in a new way.

This work aims at being a systematic and biblical exposition of Christ in the Old Testament. We have taken portions of the larger work and modernized the language and punctuation in order to reach our own generation with these old truths known by so many Christians in days gone by, but often forgotten or mis-understood today. The first half deals with Christ as equal to the Father in a series of parallel texts that cover the attributes of God. The second half takes us through the main actors of the OT and proves, beyond a doubt, that each of them both knew and worshiped Jesus Christ as the Supreme God.

Focusing specifically on worship, the pastoral importance of this work for anyone wanting to grow deeper in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ cannot be overstated. De Gols work aims at the heart by going through the head.

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