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Music and Poetry

Not quite sure what I'll do with this page, but maybe I'll share some of my favorite albums and songs. Or, maybe I'll post some of my own poetry here. That might also go on the blog over time. We'll see.


Dan Fogelberg

The Innocent Age

Dan Fogelberg. What can I say? Greatest solo artist ever. Sadly, he's known by most (if they know him at all these days) only for his Top 40 love ballads. Four of his hits were actually on this 1981 double album masterpiece, including Leader of the Band and Same Auld Lang Syne.

But this record is so much more. Pure listening genius. Everything about it is perfect. The Reach may be my favorite song of all time. Go give it a listen


Black Holes and Revelations

I knew about Muse for fifteen years before I started listening to them, almost an accident, in 2021. And all I have to say is, where have THEY been all my life? Maybe the most "awake" band out there in terms of the culture. Like later Genesis, Rush, and a handful of others, this three-piece band is one you really need to check out. This album may be their best.



Clockwork Angels

Geddy said this was their perfect album. It was also to be their last. Rush has so many great records, and this probably isn't their best. But man, it is amazing and how many even know about it? Neil Peart was a philosopher in the ilk of Ayn Rand and it shows here. I wish he would have understood the love of Christ. It's not too late yet for Alex and Geddy. Lord, hear my prayer. 


Third Stage

Bought this thing brand new, first CD I ever purchased. Still have it. Not as good as the first record, but this thing is just music symphony from first to last. LOVE this album.

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