Doug Van Dorn



Four Views of the Will of God and the Cross

Trichotomy and Gnosticism

Thinking Properly about Love & Hate

Tony Byrne, "Four Views of the Will of God and the Cross." My friend Tony made this chart several years ago comparing eight areas of Jesus' work on the cross with Arminianism, moderate-Calvinism, high-Calvinism, and hyper-Calvinism. I have found it quite helpful over the years. 

Kim Riddlebarger, “Trichotomy: A Beachhead for Gnostic Influences” in Modern Reformation 4.4 (1995): 22-26.

Thoughts on Love and Hate. This is a paper that became the basis for a several week Sunday School class a few years ago. The end is mostly notes, but I've kept those here for anyone who wants to read them. I find them very helpful.