Doug Van Dorn

Doug Van Dorn, Waters of Creation: A Biblical-Theological Study of Baptism

This is the one book on baptism that you must read. It was seven years in the making. The author believes that until a new approach is taken, separations over the meaning, mode, and recipients of baptism will never be bridged. This new approach traces the roots of baptism deep into the OT Scriptures. When understood properly, we discover that baptism is always the sign that God has used to initiate his people into a new creation. Baptism in the NT is not "new." Rather, it derives its origin from OT predecessors. When we understand that baptism comes from baptism, especially in its sacramental expression in the priestly covenant, reasons for the NT practice begin to make perfect sense. Now Baptists have an argument that infant Baptists can finally understand, because we are beginning our argument in the same place. Yet, we continue to have very baptistic conclusions as to the mode and recipients of baptism, because we root baptism in baptism rather than circumcision.

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