Doug Van Dorn


Quotes GIANTS: SONS OF THE GODS. "This intriguing book will shed tremendous light on an often neglected but important biblical subject. By examining ancient records and comparing them with the biblical record, Doug Van Dorn has put together one of the most detailed studies on the subject of giants. Even though I have studied and written at length on the subject, I still found a wealth of new data to mull over." Quotes
Tim Chaffey, MDiv., ThM.
Author of The Sons of God and the Nephilim

Quotes GIANTS: SONS OF THE GODS. What do Buffalo Bill Cody and Katy Perry/Kanye West have in common? They talk and sing about "giants" and ?aliens.? Maybe they referenced these subjects in ignorance, but now Doug Van Dorn has revealed the light of Biblical Truth on these matters in his book GIANTS: Sons of the Gods. About three years ago my studies caused me to become a Berean on the subject of "sons of god" in Genesis chapter six. I discovered some very helpful works done by extremely capable researchers and scholars, but Doug's work has taken me to another level on what scripture has to say on this matter. In addition, on a practical matter, the Apostle Paul's writing on spiritual warfare as become more than just words. Without a doubt if you've ever wondered if Goliath was only biblical folklore read this book and you will greatly benefit from a scholarly effort and an obvious labor of love from Doug. Quotes
Tom Graham, Teaching Elder
NFL Linebacker (1972-78), Denver Broncos (1972-74)

Quotes GIANTS: SONS OF THE GODS. Do you have the courage to look at Scripture objectively and explore what is actually there with an openness to have truth revealed rather than seeing only what you have always been taught? Doug Van Dorn does. He is deeply committed to the historic Christian faith, and at the same time willing to jettison preconceived notions and let the Scriptures speak for themselves. Read "Giants: Sons of the Gods"-- You will be entertained, fascinated, informed and challenged by Van Dorn's careful and passionate discussion of this largely ignored topic of the Bible. Warning: It could radically change the way you see the world. Quotes
Monte J. King, Th.M., M.A.
Author of The Simple Math Diet

Quotes GIANTS: SONS OF THE GODS. When I first read this book, I was skeptical. Nearly every theological giant (pun intended) in history has denied the spiritual view of Genesis 6 and the many implications that follow. Augustine, Calvin, and Luther each dismissed it, and nearly every professor and pastor I have ever known has denied this view, or at least minimized it. What Doug demonstrated in this book, using Scripture and a wealth of research from both Jewish and early Christian sources, is that the spiritual view of Genesis 6 is the only view that is consistent with Scripture and what most interpreters believed for most of history. Above all, Doug's book is no mere book of facts about Sons of God and the giants. It is first and foremost about the Unique Son of God who has triumphed over all other gods and has been given a name above every other name, the Lord, Jesus Christ. Quotes
Tony Jackson, M.Div.